For her inspiring example:
Victoria Newhouse

For helping us formulate the problem:
Luke Syson, Frederick Ilchman and Patrick McGrady

For generous help in designing our basic structure:
Patricia Rubin and Maryan Ainsworth

For the invention of the smart acronym that suggests our innovative character:
Kathleen Weil-Garris Brandt

For valuable technical advice on 360º photography:
Bruce Schwarz

For her services as our pro bono lawyer and general good counsel:
Kathleen Walrod

For their help as our pro bono accountants:
Ira Yohalem and Jeffrey Schwartz of Anchin

For her beautiful website design, our gifted web designer:
Elana Schlenker

For teaching us how to spread the word:
Dylan Armbrust, Managing Director of The Burlington Magazine

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