Our Mission

VISTAS is an acronym for Virtual Images of Sculpture in Time And Space.

VISTAS combines old and new. We marry the most innovative technology to the highest standard of traditional book publishing — all in support of sound, new scholarship.

Our truly groundbreaking innovation is Vistas Visuals, www.vistasvisuals.org.  This website is available free of charge to all viewers.  It features photographs that are both beautiful and informative.  High-resolution photography allows us to see the infinitesimal and do the impossible – online we can zoom in, navigate the sculpture in situ and in the round and approach the sculpture through video.  We have been one of the leaders in publishing photographic material online.  At times, we may publish work only digitally.

Vistas emphasizes serious original scholarship about visually significant works of art, providing a more vivid experience than we have had before, in print or online.  Founded in 2013 by Hester Diamond, Jon Landau and Fabrizio Moretti, Vistas seeks to provide books that are scholarly, well written and beautifully produced.  Our goal is to provide an enjoyable reader experience that rewards textual and visual exploration.

Our Editorial Board and Executive Committee approve books for publication.  See How to Apply for more information.

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