Our Publications

Francis Haskell and Nicholas Penny, Taste and the Antique: The Lure of Classical Sculpture 1500-1900.   This book is fundamental to the study of Renaissance art and, indeed, of Renaissance culture.

First published 1981; revised and extended entries (including bibliographies) by Adriano Aymonino and Eloisa Dodero under direction of Nicholas Penny in 2016; All new high-resolution photography, both in print and online.  Online images are all zoomable; To be published in early 2017.


Ethan Matt Kavaler and Krista de Jonghe, Drawing Netherlandish Sculpture:  The Spencer Album.  This is a hitherto unpublished album of sixteenth-century drawings for sculptural and microarchitectural projects, such as portals and tombs.

Vistas will publish this in two volumes. One, a facsimile of the original, the other, photographs of existing structures that relate to these designs.  It will include a thousand-word essay by Ethan Matt Kavaler, Professor of Art History at the University of Toronto and Krista de Jonghe, Professor of Architecture at the University of Leeuwen.  To be published in Spring, 2017.



Anne Markham Schulz, The Sculpture of Tullio Lombardo, published November 2014, brings together Dr. Schulz’s lifetime of distinguished work on this Venetian sculptor with important new work done in 2013 on the Vendramin Tomb. Shortlisted for Best Book of the Year in 2015 by Apollo Magazine.


Richard J. Tuttle, The Neptune Fountain in Bologna:  Bronze, Marble and Water in the Making of a Papal City, edited 2013 by Nadja Aksamija and Francisco Ceccarelli, published March 2015.  A monumental work treating the aesthetics, hydraulics and politics of a fountain that would become an important civic symbol.

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