Editorial Policy

Vistas interest is in publishing new scholarship on European art that will not be likely to reach the public through commercial publication.  We publish both in print and online.

We are looking for serious well-illustrated original scholarship.  A coherent argument is important, as is good writing.  

We expect that some important works will include the discovery of new documents, in addition to material of visual interest.  We look forward to publishing such material.  However, works that are exclusively concerned with new documents will not be part of our remit.

Similarly, we will be open to publishing works with new, valuable theoretical analyses, provided that they also include visually engaging material.  But works that are entirely concerned with theory will not be part of our remit either.

A core part of our mission is to make art more visible, using new and constantly improving technologies. 

Both our Editorial Board and our Executive Committee must approve all books for publication.

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