We invite the submission of well-written manuscripts with new scholarship on European art, where our unusual formats will make a difference.

Those involved in the process include authors, readers, the Editorial Board, the Advisory Council, the Executive Committee, the Board of Trustees and the Publisher.

Authors will typically have some academic credentials, but there is no specific requirement. VISTAS is interested in serious original scholarship about visually significant works of art, which may or may not include specialized work on new documents or theoretical analyses.

Readers will be designated by the Executive Committee with the help of our Advisory Council, to read those books that the Executive Committee considers appropriate for the VISTAS Series. They will be paid an appropriate fee. Readers will be anonymous.

The Editorial Board  consists of three senior scholars appointed by the Board of Trustees. Based on the readers’ reports, the introduction and one or more chapters of the book, they will be asked to make a recommendation to the Executive Committee within ninety days.

The Advisory Council consists of experts in European sculpture. They will call our attention to any books that VISTAS should consider publishing. They will also recommend potential Readers to the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee, comprised of three trustees, will review the recommendations of the Editorial Board and make a decision.

The Board of Trustees will ratify the decisions of the Executive Committee.

The Publisher will be Brepols Publishers, an international academic publisher of works in the humanities. The VISTAS Series will be published by Harvey Miller Publishers, an imprint of Brepols Publishers.  They will be responsible for copy-editing, design and layout, production and distribution of each book, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. The publisher will be the liaison for the design of the online portion of each publication and for the maintenance of the website.

Manuscripts in hard copy are not accepted.  Your completed manuscript, with resume and photographic information, should be submitted in electronic form, whether Word document, PDF, or via USB flash drive.  For full information, please read the How to Apply section of our website.

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